A Day In The Life Of Monique

The team here at the Brewery have been missing the pub like crazy! For them the pub is more than just beer taps and Chicken Schnitzels.. The Brewery is where they catch up with their friends, share a laugh with locals and spend their weekends.

This week our Gaming Supervisor Monique shared with us her story since starting at the Australian Hotel & Brewery and let me tell you... Its a real page turner! Its safe to say we've got something special with this team and they sure miss serving their Hills community.

1. How long have you been with the Australian Hotel & Brewery?

I walked through the brewery doors to attend my interview in May 2019. I had only ever been to the brewery once and had forgotten how beautiful the place was, so many new patrons call the brewery a hidden gem and they aren’t wrong! My interview went great and I was excited at the possibility of working for a new company at a great venue where I felt I could grow my skills in all areas of hospitality. I received an email that same day offering me the gaming host position and I started the next week. 


2. In which area of the business do you work?


Since joining the AHB team my role has been in my favourite area, Gaming. I put my heart and soul into my role and was rewarded this year with my promotion to Gaming Supervisor. I have however been involved in coffee training, hospitality induction training and attended brewery beer tours to extend my knowledge of the entire venue.

3. What have you been up to during shutdown?

Since lockdown commenced my time has been spent with my children. We have been enjoying baking, craft, family board games, home cooked dinners, bike and go kart riding in the street and plenty more fun activities together that I would sometimes miss out on due to working many late nights and weekend shifts. I miss the AHB family and all the wonderful patrons that walk through the doors however I have made sure to use this time to really enjoy watching my children grow without all the hustle and bustle of everyday normal life.


4. What are you most looking forward to?

I hope to be back at work the first day our doors open back up! I cannot wait to hear all the stories from our patrons about how they have spent their time during Isolation. Whether we reopen with or without restrictions I cannot wait to greet our patrons and pour them their favourite beverage of choice and hopefully play a part in making them smile and enjoying their day. I thrive off making people happy and giving great customer service so that is what I’ve been missing most.

5. What is a fact about you thats interesting or funny that people likely don't know?

Hmm tough one... There is one thing that comes to mind which has changed since working in the hospitality industry and that is my courage. Before recommencing work after being a stay at home mum for 8 years I was extremely scared of public speaking and was a shy person when it came to meeting new people or doing things out of my comfort zone. AHB has changed me as a person for the better! I am no longer afraid to put my hand up and be involved in new things, I love meeting new patrons and finding out all about them and their experiences, I participate in all meetings and attend work social gatherings. I am grateful for my job and I love going to work.

6. What Pub feed are you missing most?

The AHB food menu is amazing! Hard to just pick one meal! Chefs know though that I do LOVE the scotch fillet cooked to perfection every time with Carolina sauce.

7. What is your go to beer, wine or cocktail?


Before joining the AHB team I had never liked the taste of any beer or wine and would even decline trying them. Turns out during my brewery beer tour where I taste tested samples of all our brewed beers that I enjoyed our “Cranberry Sour.” Cocktails are more my thing and my favourite is definitely “The Hills”


We are excited to announce that our full venue including Hops Playland, Bistro, Bar and VIP Lounge are now open for your enjoyment, so please click below and make a booking.